Fault lines

The earth’s crust is made up of several tectonic plates. Fault lines are the places where these plates meet. It’s places of high volatility. These plates are constantly moving and flexing. The results could be anything from tremours to major earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes. Most businesses are also riddled with fault lines. Like San Francisco, […]

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The thing about bandwagons

They are useful in attracting attention. It’s a tool we use to achieve critical mass. In gathers support and increases awareness. This drives entirely the agenda of the person organising the parade. The length, staying power and value of the bandwagon you climb on is predetermined. Once the route is complete and the set is […]

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Knock-on effect

Every choice we make is either good for us or bad for us. On the border between these two outcomes is a line that divides the plain (0). Below the line is gross negative outcomes (-) and above the line is gross positive outcomes (+). When we make our first decision, we set off in […]

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When change happens slowly

Some change is revolutionary. It’s drastic and happens virtually overnight. Disruption, political turmoil and natural disasters are great examples. Some change happens at a more evolutionary pace. It’s still drastic, but the longer timeframe makes it more palatable. When we intentionally implement change, shorter timeframes are preferable. It reduces the risk of incomplete execution. When […]

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