When change happens slowly

Some change is revolutionary. It’s drastic and happens virtually overnight. Disruption, political turmoil and natural disasters are great examples. Some change happens at a more evolutionary pace. It’s still drastic, but the longer timeframe makes it more palatable. When we intentionally implement change, shorter timeframes are preferable. It reduces the risk of incomplete execution. When […]

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Down in the dumps

It’s ok to visit there every once in a while. The important thing is why. Are we there to throw out the trash? The trash in our thinking, our company, our self-speak or our perspective. If so, it’s a trip with a purpose that sheds unnecessary weight and allows us to face the future light […]

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External Reference

Some of us have an innate sense of direction. No matter where we are, we have a general idea of the direction we are facing or heading in. Some of us don’t. No matter which category you fall in, external references are helpful. The way the environment responds to our approaches, products or personalities provides […]

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Conflicting Models

We prefer to implement models. It creates a sense of comfort. Certainly much more comfort than the alternative, the unknown. Models have their limits. There are so many of them, and they do not all agree. Business models often conflict when the purpose of the business is ill-defined or in transition. If we consider that […]

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Prepared or Planned

They are not the same. Preparedness addresses our ability to respond to what happens. We could facilitate preparedness in one of two ways. Through planning or through packing. Packing is when we carry around a huge survival kit with all items we could possibly need in any situation. It does not require too much planning […]

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