Turning ships

Their enormous size and weight create significant momentum. This momentum is hard to stop. When the ocean enacts is unpredictable forces it can cause deviations in the plotted course. If the captain doesn’t notice for a while, the distance we veer off-course can increase rapidly. Fortunately, as big as these ships are, the captain is […]

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The fact is

it’s complicated. We would much prefer a set of facts that we can all agree on and are universally applicable. This is not easy to prove. Science represents the custodians of universally applicable facts. Many of these are hotly debated and in contention within the community of the very people who hope to determine it. […]

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When the carpet doesn’t stick.

It catches us off guard. Often with dire consequences. Mostly because we are not prepared for it. It seems unnecessary to spend time preparing for something that will only occur if an intervention produces the opposite result. Carpets are designed to prevent slips on sleek tile surfaces. To a large extent, this is its core […]

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Stepping in

There is a moment before we step into something new, a slight pause. This fleeting moment passes unnoticed to the observer. In your mind, a million things are happening all at once. Hopes, fears, insecurities and unknowns come flooding to the surface. At that moment, we make a choice. We either step in, or we […]

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The Stretch

When last did you do it? Stretching is not always comfortable. It creates a tension that includes uncomfortable pain. It’s preferable to skip it and go straight on to the workout, or life in general. The momentary inconvenience saves us the excruciating pain of injury and frees up our movement. It lessens the effects of […]

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