It gets worse before it gets better.

It also gets progressively worse. These two outcomes look similar until they don’t. It makes it very difficult to position ourselves appropriately. The first requires patience and resolve. The second requires honesty and action. It is helpful not to mistake noise for progress or silence for passivity. It’s more helpful to be the person that […]

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When two worlds collide

We see it all the time. It goes by many names. Xenophobia, sexism, ageism, racism are the consequences of two parties approaching an argument from their point of view. What makes this challenging is that both sides are right. We would love for our opponents to be completely wrong. In fact, we create a narrative […]

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This bone of contention has been picked clean many a time. Fundamentally though, we must clarify two critical axes. Is it necessary? Can it make enough money to fund itself perpetually?

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Pathways to Purpose

The first is a long journey with a stopover in a town called Discipline. There we are shaped and groomed through instilling of values, structure and dedication. It requires long hours of perfecting fundamentals. To our astonishment, we gain depth of understanding and a certain responsiveness possible only because of a well-trained subconscious. When we […]

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The Dialogue

An essential ingredient to the successful resolution of grand challenges. Challenges of this magnitude require the collective intelligence and perspectives of government, civil society, academia and business and industry. It does not happen often enough, and when it does, it tends to quickly digress to a talk show with little real-world application. Each area represented […]

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