Future memory

Legacy is perhaps a better word for it. The memory of the future. We create it every day. It raises the question, “What will the future result of today’s work be?” It’s a question we prefer not to ask because it is unlikely that we will get an accurate answer. Looking to the future through […]

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The Collective

Benefits of joining the collective: Stronger voice Greater capacity Benefits afforded by diversity Unintended consequences: Most collectives do very little for individual recognition. You become as faceless as the organisation, system or mentality you hope to conquer. Where stronger voices are earned through majority, your contribution is diluted to a number, just like every other […]

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Securing Relevance

We are all competing for attention. You want your work, products, business or expertise to be noticed and appreciated. So does everybody else. You could shout louder. This will bring you into the consciousness of more people. Uninvited, and unwelcome. You will spend plenty of money and secure diminishing returns. How many ads do you […]

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Jumping the gun

It’s a way in which anxiety manifests in our lives. The opposite of anxiety is not peace, but patience. Patience is not passive. Patience is most captured at the moment before the gun goes off on a 100m final. All the muscles are tensioned. They are poised for a quick response. The mind is focussed, […]

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Giving everything

In the last mile of the marathon or every split second of a sprint, we do this. All guns blazing, nothing to lose, leave in all on the track, pedal to the metal kind of ruckus. It’s exhilarating! It’s also short-lived. The other kind of giving everything is more of a rising thunder. Like when […]

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