Contours and straight lines

Logic suggests that the shortest path is the quickest. Intuition tells us this is not always so. Especially in the mountains. Contours are lines that show elevation. On a map, they wind around the hills and valleys maintaining a constant hight. Straight lines, by contrast, seek the shortest distance between two points. Om maps, this […]

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Who’s gonna drive?

The most profound conundrum of our time. Whether you are planning a point to point expedition or a night out on the town, someone has to sit out the fun. They must be willing to run logistics and not experience the grand adventure. While the rest are getting psyched for exciting possibilities, they raise their […]

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Wide and Deep

Very seldom do these abilities reside within a single person. For the most part, we all have limited capacity. We can only know so much about so much. Certainly, though, we have preferences. Wide is about the breadth of scope. It defines the playing field. It’s much larger than we think – and it’s growing. […]

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Objectives, Increments and Inputs

That is some fancy speak for goals, steps and actions. It works better when we simplify. We need goals to ensure we head in the right direction. This is achieved by crafting a compelling vision with an understanding of the purpose behind what we hope to achieve. It creates the direction, as well as the […]

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Convenience Currency

Our ability to create convenience offers the opportunity for a premium. Convenience does not have to be expensive, but it is valuable. This value is determined by the value of the time and effort saved by the customer. The proliferation of tech has created immense opportunities to hack this currency. We access free cash almost […]

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