Defence Mechanisms

Some are unhealthy, like justification, disrespect, animosity or denial. These are reactions that are hard to control. Mostly, it’s automatic responses to triggers that set it off. We don’t always know what they are. We can’t always see them coming. Some are really healthy, like accountability, taking responsibility, apologising, not just with words, but with […]

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Upward spirals bring us closer to the impossible with every step. It raises the bar and extends our reach. Small, sequential steps in the right direction translating to massive gains over time. Each a small victory. Each victory makes the next easier and more likely. Upward spirals include positive time use, commitment, collaboration, social accountability, […]

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Activeness and aggression

Activeness is the willingness to engage. It’s pro-active and seeking. It creates, connects and ignites. It identifies potential and chips away at it to reveal the increadible statues within. It’s the creative force that goes hand in hand with patience. Aggression is the anti-type. It is self-seeking and destructive. It uses force to manipulate fit. […]

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Patience and passivity

The first is a virtue. It is the wisdom of time. The ability to distinguish the season we are in and our progress within it. Patience is a posture of expectancy. Like an athlete in the starting blocks in the set position waiting for the gun to go off. All the muscles are in tension, […]

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Our perception of curvature is based on our position relative to the object. Flat disks viewed from the side look no different than a straight line. (Welcome to Flatland.) Curvature is deceptive. The presence of curvature changes the qualities of the object we are perceiving. It introduces nuance. Curvature usually adds an additional dimension. This […]

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