Searching out the best

Most solutions are good enough. It alleviates the pressure, resolves the irritation, increases the output or capitalises on the opportunity. For these situations we don’t need the best, we are merely looking for sufficient. Then, there are other situations where adequate or acceptable will not suffice. Only the best solution will do. We cannot afford […]

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Growth Hacking

The principle is simple: Sell more than you consume. Doing so produces more revenue than you require to maintain or scale your operations. This unlocks the virtuous cycle of even more sales and even more capacity. This hack rest on two levers. One: Sell more. This usually presents catch 22. You cannot sell more than […]

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Missed Opportunities

Everything we do has an opportunity cost. What is the best way to spend your time, energy, investment, experience? Anything less than that creates opportunity cost. It’s the difference between your chosen course of action and the most optimal solution available. Quantifying opportunity cost helps us to understand that we do not measure against a […]

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We are all confronted with them in one way or another. There is only one true inevitability that faces us all. It cannot be circumvented or ignored. Death. Still, after all these ages we don’t like to talk about it. There is something about its finality that weighs heavy on us. It stands as an […]

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The thing about bandwagons

They are useful in attracting attention. It’s a tool we use to achieve critical mass. In gathers support and increases awareness. This drives entirely the agenda of the person organising the parade. The length, staying power and value of the bandwagon you climb on is predetermined. Once the route is complete and the set is […]

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