At face value

It’s the obvious value. It’s visible. It’s easy. We don’t have to invest any time to understand it. We can easily determine it, manage it and mitigate its risks. As a result, so can everyone else. Your unique value proposition does not come from what is common. In fact, understanding the face value secures your […]

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Investor’s paradox

Sometimes we are under the impression that money is scarce. It’s hard to find investment for businesses. The economy is under pressure, investors are looking off-shore. There is risk aversion in the market. The list of excuses is as innovative as the people who make them. Investors are on the other side of the spectrum. […]

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Without Comparison

Or competition. Such is the reality of a business with a purpose for impact. When the intention is to make money, enter Michael Porter and his chariot drawn by 5 forces. The competition continues to grow until profit is marginalised unless barriers to entry exist. When the intention is to improve the lives or experiences […]

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Too good.

We have become so used to fantastic opportunities or great stories as bait to lure us into sinister situations that we filter it out. We have a default ‘to junk’ setting. It’s not intentional. It’s a defense mechanism. We implement it to avoid the confusion and pain false hope presents. What we don’t realise is […]

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One-Dimensional Measures

We place a high premium on academic prowess. Usually, this is determined by a combination of the marks you achieved for the course you studied and the quality of the institution at which this was obtained. In reality, this is a measure of your ability to memorise content for the purposes of writing an exam. […]

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