Never a Waste

Skills. The ability to implement research, knowledge and education. Years after exposure it retains its ability to deliver dividends. In other words, it’s always good, but it’s not always beneficial. Two things decrease the long term value of skills. Skill Mongering. It is the overapplication of this principle. Since it is never a waste, logic […]

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It’s imperative. The transfer of knowledge, protection of tradition and shaping of the future are all dependent on it. When we do not teach, we fail society. We squander that which is meant to propel on that which creates stumbling blocks. It’s responsibility. I can only teach what I understand. Before I teach, let me […]

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This bone of contention has been picked clean many a time. Fundamentally though, we must clarify two critical axes. Is it necessary? Can it make enough money to fund itself perpetually?

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Interpretation Framework

When we are faced with new stimuli, we resort to a quick reference guide to help orientate our understanding. The shortcuts rely heavily on pre-existing knowledge to fast track the process. We essentially ask only one question. “Is this similar to my default reality or radically different?” When we encounter a new culture, city, language […]

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There is an illusion that at some point in the future we will have learned all there is to know. For some, this is already a reality. There is nothing you can teach me. I see this, heard that, done this, experienced that. All the new stuff I’ve read, or listen to the audiobook, or […]

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