Budgeting for outcomes

The primary question is, ‘What is the cheapest way we can accomplish the intended outcome?’ We are not concerned with how we did it before or how everyone else does it. The goal is to allocate as large a portion of the budget possible to functional spend. Does this spend help us to achieve our […]

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Snowball effect

It starts with something insignificant. Clumping together white stuff in seemingly endless supply. Little by little, we add mass as we diligently keep at it all the while increasing the potential energy. (mass x height). Finally, when this ball is too big to move, we just roll in down the hill. This point of critical […]

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You make it look easy

This is typically something we say to someone who does something hard successfully with minimal effort. It seems like a paradox. We expect hard things to require significant effort. Therefore, success is dependent on matching my effort level with the difficulty of the task at hand. This does not consider the value of effort over […]

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Crafting by Candlelight

The light is not far-reaching. We see just enough to craft the masterpiece with which we are busy. It might seem insignificant or inconsequential at first. What we don’t realise is that so many others are crafting their own little masterpieces. When the right ones come together it becomes solutions. Like pieces of a puzzle, […]

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Two approaches to incompetence

One. We learn something new. We achieve conscious incompetence. We dislike the feeling of inadequacy. We find ways to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. When time is of the essence, shortcuts become the obvious choice. To get better at golf I buy more expensive equipment. (We do this with any sport really.) To […]

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