Crafting by Candlelight

The light is not far-reaching. We see just enough to craft the masterpiece with which we are busy. It might seem insignificant or inconsequential at first. What we don’t realise is that so many others are crafting their own little masterpieces. When the right ones come together it becomes solutions. Like pieces of a puzzle, […]

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Two approaches to incompetence

One. We learn something new. We achieve conscious incompetence. We dislike the feeling of inadequacy. We find ways to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. When time is of the essence, shortcuts become the obvious choice. To get better at golf I buy more expensive equipment. (We do this with any sport really.) To […]

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Brave Conversations

It happens when we get people in the room willing to boldly tackle tough problems. Most problems are so big that we feel inconsequential. This powerlessness leads us to water down our vision and with it our ability to make an impact. So many people care about these same issues and feel as you do. […]

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Searching out the best

Most solutions are good enough. It alleviates the pressure, resolves the irritation, increases the output or capitalises on the opportunity. For these situations we don’t need the best, we are merely looking for sufficient. Then, there are other situations where adequate or acceptable will not suffice. Only the best solution will do. We cannot afford […]

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Growth Hacking

The principle is simple: Sell more than you consume. Doing so produces more revenue than you require to maintain or scale your operations. This unlocks the virtuous cycle of even more sales and even more capacity. This hack rest on two levers. One: Sell more. This usually presents catch 22. You cannot sell more than […]

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