Turning Corners

The principles remain the same. Brake into the corner, accelerate out of it. Hit the apex. Successfully executing these repeatable activities ensures the fastest navigation of the corner. If it’s a corner we’ve never been around before, even though we know the principles, chances are we won’t execute it perfectly. We need to figure out […]

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Conflict of Interest

It’s an issue of motive. Are you able to act in my best interest or our combined best interest or are you driving self-serving agendas? Does this have the potential to be symbiotic or is it parasitic and dressed up? The challenge with these questions is that most of the time we end up being […]

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Consuming less

With constant marketing bombarding our lives, we tend to overconsume. It’s not intentional, it’s consequential. When the entire premise for the economy and therefore business, is constant growth, it requires us to sell more. We sell more when we get more customers purchasing more products. This makes business sense until we consider the break-even point. […]

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You make it look easy

This is typically something we say to someone who does something hard successfully with minimal effort. It seems like a paradox. We expect hard things to require significant effort. Therefore, success is dependent on matching my effort level with the difficulty of the task at hand. This does not consider the value of effort over […]

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Work that matters

What would that be? When does work matter? The usual utilitarian response would be when it makes an impact. How do we affect the largest number of people, say 1 billion? Certainly, that matters. Saving the life of one person, through rescue, medicine or bravery matters. (A massive impact on the life of a single […]

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