Is it your core business? Does doing it create, enable or sustain a competitive advantage? Can you do it better than anyone else? If you answer yes to any of these questions, it makes sense to have your own version of a product or service, even if someone else offers something similar. If not, you […]

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We have a tendency to do so. This tendency does not come from an innate desire to be as busy as we are, but rather the expectation that we should. It quickly becomes a badge of honour to claim that we are so busy, so involved, so committed. All of these traits and decisions are […]

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Day One

Its always better to let today be day one. We tend to put it off. We prefer to wait until we are ready. Day One becomes someday until someday becomes one day and then, never at all. The easiest way to start is to begin. Create the pressure by committing to the course of action […]

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push boundaries. Sometimes their own. Sometimes the world’s. Overcomers don’t compete against other people. They compete against ideas, thoughts and perceptions. The fight finds expression in a physical battleground, but this is often the showcase of a victory already attained somewhere much more significant. How significant could your business be if you did not bother […]

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False Summit

Sometimes it seems like you just have to breach the ridge your on to reach the summit. You put in the last push and drive it though, only to discover the higher peak in the distance. The disappointment is almost palatable. You are not even sure if you have enough strength to carry on. Hope […]

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