Shifting Weight

Every stride we take involves the shifting of weight from the foot that gained new ground to the foot being propelled forward for the next step. The implication is that we have to let go of the previous foothold in order to move forward. Every step we take is a process of dying to the […]

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Something Rare

People who possess rare things often manage them in one of two ways.  We either let everyone know we have it, but keep it hidden, or we are generous with it and allow others the opportunity to appreciate it. Keeping rare things to ourselves makes us feel special. It offers inner confidence that we too […]

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The Game Show Hypothesis

Most game shows are designed to appeal to our competitive nature. The design requires that the contender have well-developed and well-rounded skills in a wide range of fields. There are very few people in the world with such a well-developed ability. This coaxes contenders into incompetence (by playing on their competitive nature), giving up their […]

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It’s not very high on the agenda. Mostly because we need so much time to cater to our own needs. By the time we are done, there is so little energy left to consider the needs of others. You see this show up in the way we disembark aeroplanes, navigate traffic and any other situation […]

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There is an illusion that at some point in the future we will have learned all there is to know. For some, this is already a reality. There is nothing you can teach me. I see this, heard that, done this, experienced that. All the new stuff I’ve read, or listen to the audiobook, or […]

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