Are you brave enough?

This is often the question that separates average from extraordinary. We all believe we are until we explore the implications of saying yes. Saying yes to extraordinary means saying no to ordinary. Ordinary is comfortable. Ordinary is easy to understand. Ordinary is easy to accommodate. Quitting your job to follow your dreams is not ordinary. […]

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Outward and Inward

The final frontier awaits us. Space. It embodies our unquenchable thirst for expansion. We strive for bigger, more. Bigger and more consume increadible amounts of resources. Sustaining it over time requires sacrifices few are willing to bear. The allure of the unknown draws us still. While we spend so much time looking outward, beyond ourselves. […]

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Quality of the human spirit

We catch glimpses of it every once in a while. Nothing brings it to our attention like great sporting events. Very rarely do we experience showcases of the human spirit across the spectrum. Professional athletes and committed everyday people all consisting the same challenge. Today was such a day. The Ultimate Human Race. We saw […]

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Because it’s there.

The reason you tackle big challenges. The fire in your belly. The inspiration to take on incredible odds. The conviction that there is more to your capacity than you have seen before. It drives you. It challenges you. It scares you. It’s the race you haven’t entered. It’s the mountain you haven’t climbed. It’s the […]

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Technology vs experience

With the blistering pace of technological innovation, systems are constantly increasing in the sophistication of its prediction and interpretation. As this ability is applied in more and more contexts, the human interface/replacement question is becoming more complex and more relevant than ever. We are confronted with questions we have never had to think about before. […]

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