Patience and passivity

The first is a virtue. It is the wisdom of time. The ability to distinguish the season we are in and our progress within it. Patience is a posture of expectancy. Like an athlete in the starting blocks in the set position waiting for the gun to go off. All the muscles are in tension, […]

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Our perception of curvature is based on our position relative to the object. Flat disks viewed from the side look no different than a straight line. (Welcome to Flatland.) Curvature is deceptive. The presence of curvature changes the qualities of the object we are perceiving. It introduces nuance. Curvature usually adds an additional dimension. This […]

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Tackling big challenges

It’s similar to American Football or Rugby. You can tackle the biggest guy on the team using superior strategy (targeting weaknesses and vulnerabilities) or you can tackle him with a buddy. Many of the challenges we face are systemic and historic. Many have tried and failed over the years to resolve or improve the situation. […]

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The worst thing about setbacks is not that it happens, but that we don’t plan for it. It hurts the most when we are caught off guard. When we don’t expect it or when we never even considered it to begin with. Risk management is easy when we know the quantity and the probability of […]

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Snowball effect

It starts with something insignificant. Clumping together white stuff in seemingly endless supply. Little by little, we add mass as we diligently keep at it all the while increasing the potential energy. (mass x height). Finally, when this ball is too big to move, we just roll in down the hill. This point of critical […]

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