First Time

Yes, there is a first time for everything. The consoling line you get from onlookers or mentors when you fail abysmally. The challenge does not lie in our experience or performance, but rather in our expectations. We tend to build it up in our minds. We plan to expand our experience, sure, but expect at […]

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It’s good to have some. With physical items, it’s easy to calculate the optimal level of reserves. We use stock turn-over, catastrophic loss or risk tolerances to determine adequate levels. With non-physical resources, science is much less exact. How resilient should we be when the business just isn’t working? How long do we keep training […]

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Crutches are useful for the displacement of weight when our ability to bear it is compromised. It facilitates the healing process of the compromised limb through rest. Initially walking with crutches is uncomfortable. Our arms are weak and our hands get blisters from the new source of constant friction. Over time we get stronger.  The […]

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Disjointed comparisons

We tend to compare ourselves vs a benchmark. This benchmark is usually the average. Whether it’s our IQ, GPA, GMAT, baby milestones, income categories, career progression or a wide range of fitness goals. For negative elements beyond our control, we find comfort in being average. It proves the experiences we have are normal and therefore […]

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A culture of honour.

It’s a culture that celebrates the dignity of every person. It focuses on the value created. It highlights the benefits of diversity as expressed by each individual that makes up the intricate canvass that is your business. It breaks down negative cycles and opens our minds to solutions and possibilities. It captures and cements learnings, […]

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