This bone of contention has been picked clean many a time. Fundamentally though, we must clarify two critical axes. Is it necessary? Can it make enough money to fund itself perpetually?

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It’s not very high on the agenda. Mostly because we need so much time to cater to our own needs. By the time we are done, there is so little energy left to consider the needs of others. You see this show up in the way we disembark aeroplanes, navigate traffic and any other situation […]

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It’s either something we are born with, earn, fight for, or aspire to. It also embodies a certain status, prestige and expectation. This is what makes most titles desirable. To such an extent that we structure our entire lives to attain and maintain them. Professional titles, performance titles, educational titles, titles of status or of […]

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There is an illusion that at some point in the future we will have learned all there is to know. For some, this is already a reality. There is nothing you can teach me. I see this, heard that, done this, experienced that. All the new stuff I’ve read, or listen to the audiobook, or […]

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Energy is not created or destroyed. It is merely transformed. If we follow this principle, we use resources as inputs to transform effort and intelligence into a different type of energy and the cycle continues. Essentially, our entire economy runs on the premise of payment for the transformation of energy. This is only essential since […]

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