Little Things

Some of them are really big things. Simple things we do every day create the habits that determine the trajectory of our lives. Your exercise regime, diet, relationship habits or even hygiene and healthcare is likely to define your quality of life in the future. When we consider these little things, we are not concerned […]

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The thing that binds

There are many things that separate us. Our cultures, beliefs, traditions, languages and even geography create distance. Physical, emotion and cognitive distance that is tough to bridge. In pursuit of this bridge, it is useful to negotiate the difference. In order to do so, we must first understand the common ground. The one thing that […]

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In my space

When you enter it you will discover all my flaws and failures. If you spend the time to look deeper, you will uncover the beauty in the flaws and the logic in the shortcomings. Proximity tends to manifest in these two ways. When it’s superficial it breeds frustration and contempt. It highlights differences and accentuates […]

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