Great Customer Service

At the end of the day, customer service is the management of a relationship. This may be a short term transactional one, or a longer-term, partnership-based one. The quality of the service is determined by its effect on the perceived relationship these two parties have. Great customer service is, therefore, a function of relationship. Whatever […]

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Lost in Translation

There are thousands of shades between white and black. When we talk about principles we define our origin and our destination (the black and the white). This inspires, motivates and invigorates. It stirs up hope. We leave these meetings, events or discussions feeling great. We can do anything! Let’s go forth and prosper. We depart […]

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Perhaps it’s time to reconsider.

As we go through life and build businesses we face tough questions, problems, and situations. Over time we solve it. We create methodologies, processes and principles. These are mental short-cuts of sorts. They help us to use our mental capacity efficiently. We only have the ability to consciously think of so many things at once. […]

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My business partner

This phrase usually starts a sentence that ends in one of two ways; admiration or conflict. To be fair, most business partnerships start with some form of mutual admiration and respect. We strengthen each other’s weaknesses and help the idea grow into a business. Then, inevitably, conflict occurs. It does so ever more frequently. Our […]

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Relevance of purpose

An organisation is born not when we register a company, but when we give it a purpose. At that moment a new entity is created. It possesses intelligence that will increase (process intelligence). It has a dream for its future (vision) and a character (values). The implications of creating such an entity are that the […]

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