Progress Reports

We build our businesses around them. Eventually, they become just another tick box exercise that describes what we’ve spent our time on. It creates the impression that we are busy and productive, but it’s not particularly useful. Progress reports are meant to track progress towards achieving the outcomes we committed to. Every activity, meeting, and […]

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It’s the setup for execution. We tend to focus more on how we address the ball, or the follow through. In reality, our backswing is a critical ingredient to successful execution. The way we prepare for big events is a leading indicator for the result we should expect. The ‘silence’ rule in golf includes the […]

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Conflicting Models

We prefer to implement models. It creates a sense of comfort. Certainly much more comfort than the alternative, the unknown. Models have their limits. There are so many of them, and they do not all agree. Business models often conflict when the purpose of the business is ill-defined or in transition. If we consider that […]

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When your business gets the flu.

It happens more often than you think. When you work late nights, drink more coffee than usual, exercise less and don’t pay attention to your diet, your immune system is put under pressure. It does not have sufficient resources to keep the body going. Viruses slip in. Worst of all, this usually happens right before […]

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Extra Effort

That exactly what it feels like. Extra, additional, over and above. In this case, it’s effort. It requires time and attention. It asks for sacrifice. How do I justify increasing discomfort for something that is not required? Worse of all is even if I did it, it would likely go unnoticed. Seems like a bad […]

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