The Slip

It’s progressive and accelerating. It starts with small compromises and accommodations. It seems justifiable. We make small adjustments for convenience sake. There is a slight trade-off on quality, or precision, or performance, but the added convenience is worth the risk. Our footing is compromised. We are dripping water on the track. Gently, imperceptibly, we get […]

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Tackling big challenges

It’s similar to American Football or Rugby. You can tackle the biggest guy on the team using superior strategy (targeting weaknesses and vulnerabilities) or you can tackle him with a buddy. Many of the challenges we face are systemic and historic. Many have tried and failed over the years to resolve or improve the situation. […]

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Conflict of Interest

It’s an issue of motive. Are you able to act in my best interest or our combined best interest or are you driving self-serving agendas? Does this have the potential to be symbiotic or is it parasitic and dressed up? The challenge with these questions is that most of the time we end up being […]

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Appreciate the variance

Deviation occurs to both the positive and the negative side of the norm. The implications are profound. Outcomes are not an accurate measure of performance. The outcome could be a result of a deviation, an outlier, to either side of the norm. Using only outcomes as a yardstick penalises those who are working hard to […]

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Great Customer Service

At the end of the day, customer service is the management of a relationship. This may be a short term transactional one, or a longer-term, partnership-based one. The quality of the service is determined by its effect on the perceived relationship these two parties have. Great customer service is, therefore, a function of relationship. Whatever […]

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