Decision Guardrails

Guardrails function not to restrict but to protect. It indicates the edge of the motorway and helps you stay on it, specifically in dangerous or tricky areas. It’s also preemptive in nature. It is installed at precarious areas of the road to avoid fatalities and damage. The funny thing is, we hardly notice them. On […]

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A culture of honour.

It’s a culture that celebrates the dignity of every person. It focuses on the value created. It highlights the benefits of diversity as expressed by each individual that makes up the intricate canvass that is your business. It breaks down negative cycles and opens our minds to solutions and possibilities. It captures and cements learnings, […]

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Founder Transcendence

The business you built from the ground up with blood sweat and tears shares your DNA. It shares your strengths and weaknesses. It the product of your vision and hard work. You are the creator that breathed life into this business. You are also one of the primary risks. Your business is not meant to […]

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They are intended to be functional rather than fluffy. They denote the level of responsibility. They indicate decision-making capacity and span. They should be accepted with respect and treated for the weight they place on the shoulders of the bearers. They can easily become accolades and prizes indicating privilege and influence. The titles indicate the […]

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