Accelerating Curves

It creates an exponential impact. This is a great thing to hack when you want to scale a business or create positive change. It’s also a difficult trend to arrest. Extinction is one of these curves. The curve is accelerating. Most of its caused by unintended consequences of maintaining the other accelerating curves in our […]

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Wide and Deep

Very seldom do these abilities reside within a single person. For the most part, we all have limited capacity. We can only know so much about so much. Certainly, though, we have preferences. Wide is about the breadth of scope. It defines the playing field. It’s much larger than we think – and it’s growing. […]

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Objectives, Increments and Inputs

That is some fancy speak for goals, steps and actions. It works better when we simplify. We need goals to ensure we head in the right direction. This is achieved by crafting a compelling vision with an understanding of the purpose behind what we hope to achieve. It creates the direction, as well as the […]

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Increasing Performance

There are two levers to manipulate. Do more of the good stuff. Do less of the bad stuff. The choice seems linear and inconsequential. This is not true. When a car is not fuel-efficient we could just pour in more fuel and get where we are headed. It will cost more (more good stuff) but […]

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is usually followed by frustration. I know what to do. I know how to do it. I have done it before. Why can’t I get this right? The feeling plagues salespeople, sportsmen and probably, at some point or another, every single one of us. Under-performance is not a state of being. It’s not a magic […]

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