Level of your Expectation

You prepare for it. It shows in your demeanour, your language and the size of your ask. People are unlikely to meet you above your level of expectation. They use it as the anchor point to gauge your perception of your capacity, ability and vision. It would be foolish to task you beyond it. Those […]

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When others know your goals

you are much more likely to achieve them. Public statements of intent create accountability. This is especially useful since we adapt the narrative to suit our own comfort. Without external accountability, we are easily able to adjust our expectations and goals. We justify the adjustments to ourselves due to all the unforeseen circumstances, other realities […]

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The Game Show Hypothesis

Most game shows are designed to appeal to our competitive nature. The design requires that the contender have well-developed and well-rounded skills in a wide range of fields. There are very few people in the world with such a well-developed ability. This coaxes contenders into incompetence (by playing on their competitive nature), giving up their […]

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It’s imperative. The transfer of knowledge, protection of tradition and shaping of the future are all dependent on it. When we do not teach, we fail society. We squander that which is meant to propel on that which creates stumbling blocks. It’s responsibility. I can only teach what I understand. Before I teach, let me […]

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This bone of contention has been picked clean many a time. Fundamentally though, we must clarify two critical axes. Is it necessary? Can it make enough money to fund itself perpetually?

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