Great Customer Service

At the end of the day, customer service is the management of a relationship. This may be a short term transactional one, or a longer-term, partnership-based one. The quality of the service is determined by its effect on the perceived relationship these two parties have. Great customer service is, therefore, a function of relationship. Whatever […]

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Fire Sale

Life happens. It occasionally leaves all our best-laid plans up in flames. We don’t plan for it. We never think it will happen to us. The stats are not in your favour. A fire sale is the best way to make something good of a bad situation. Get some value out of what’s left. It’s […]

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It’s a key ingredient in trust. The alignment of our actions with our words. Authenticity though goes deeper still. It requires the alignment of our words and our intentions. We easily proclaim our intensions as that which we expect the listener is hoping to hear. We adjust our approaches to facilitate the achievement of a […]

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Speaking from inexperience

No-one likes sounding stupid. We would never communicate something that we knew to be incorrect or biased. The reality is that I cannot be informed about everything.  When I am young and inexperienced, I have opinions about everything, untainted by the world and reality.  When I am more experienced it will be so within defined […]

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When we get it right we extend our reach, amplify our impact, and push the boundaries of the possible. Sadly, we mess it up far more frequently. Partnership is meant to unlock synergies and expand our perspectives. This requires interdependence. Success rates increase when we honour a few fundamental principles: Mutuality. Both parties derive benefit. […]

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