push boundaries. Sometimes their own. Sometimes the world’s. Overcomers don’t compete against other people. They compete against ideas, thoughts and perceptions. The fight finds expression in a physical battleground, but this is often the showcase of a victory already attained somewhere much more significant. How significant could your business be if you did not bother […]

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False Summit

Sometimes it seems like you just have to breach the ridge your on to reach the summit. You put in the last push and drive it though, only to discover the higher peak in the distance. The disappointment is almost palatable. You are not even sure if you have enough strength to carry on. Hope […]

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Contours and straight lines

Logic suggests that the shortest path is the quickest. Intuition tells us this is not always so. Especially in the mountains. Contours are lines that show elevation. On a map, they wind around the hills and valleys maintaining a constant hight. Straight lines, by contrast, seek the shortest distance between two points. Om maps, this […]

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Chasing Sunlight

We periodically achieve moments of brilliance. Our business gains traction and we experience the sunlight. It’s a great feeling until we realise the work has just started. Sunlight is a moving target. So we fire up the engines and chase it with all we’ve got. Soon we realise it’s a losing battle. Let’s wait for […]

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Turning ships

Their enormous size and weight create significant momentum. This momentum is hard to stop. When the ocean enacts is unpredictable forces it can cause deviations in the plotted course. If the captain doesn’t notice for a while, the distance we veer off-course can increase rapidly. Fortunately, as big as these ships are, the captain is […]

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