Progress Reports

We build our businesses around them. Eventually, they become just another tick box exercise that describes what we’ve spent our time on. It creates the impression that we are busy and productive, but it’s not particularly useful. Progress reports are meant to track progress towards achieving the outcomes we committed to. Every activity, meeting, and […]

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Future memory

Legacy is perhaps a better word for it. The memory of the future. We create it every day. It raises the question, “What will the future result of today’s work be?” It’s a question we prefer not to ask because it is unlikely that we will get an accurate answer. Looking to the future through […]

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When change happens slowly

Some change is revolutionary. It’s drastic and happens virtually overnight. Disruption, political turmoil and natural disasters are great examples. Some change happens at a more evolutionary pace. It’s still drastic, but the longer timeframe makes it more palatable. When we intentionally implement change, shorter timeframes are preferable. It reduces the risk of incomplete execution. When […]

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Are you brave enough?

This is often the question that separates average from extraordinary. We all believe we are until we explore the implications of saying yes. Saying yes to extraordinary means saying no to ordinary. Ordinary is comfortable. Ordinary is easy to understand. Ordinary is easy to accommodate. Quitting your job to follow your dreams is not ordinary. […]

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The Collective

Benefits of joining the collective: Stronger voice Greater capacity Benefits afforded by diversity Unintended consequences: Most collectives do very little for individual recognition. You become as faceless as the organisation, system or mentality you hope to conquer. Where stronger voices are earned through majority, your contribution is diluted to a number, just like every other […]

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