Team Player

Every member of the team is critical. If this was not the case, the position would not exist. The challenge is that some positions receive more limelight or prestige than others. It’s different for every sport, but is it prevalent in most of them. Being a team player means that my primary focus is to […]

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Playing Small

In a casino, this is advisable. (That is if you feel comfortable gambling at all). It limits your risk exposure and curbs your losses. In almost any other arena it doesn’t serve you. It does not serve us either. Compromising on your dreams or toning down your vision is the surefire way to very little. […]

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Close to home

The fight against stress, anxiety and depression it a tough one. As with all disease, it is very personal. There are no rest days, no breaks. What makes mental illness even more challenging is that it betrays you. You can no longer trust yourself, your thinking, your decisions or your emotions. You easily feel out […]

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The Dialogue

An essential ingredient to the successful resolution of grand challenges. Challenges of this magnitude require the collective intelligence and perspectives of government, civil society, academia and business and industry. It does not happen often enough, and when it does, it tends to quickly digress to a talk show with little real-world application. Each area represented […]

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Fear of Constraint

is irrational. We think we want freedom. If we ever get it, we would not know what to do with it. Since the dawn of humanity,  we have only ever encountered two constraints. Those of physical laws governed by fundamental principles of physics. It defines how matter behaves. Our understanding of these principles have evolved, […]

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