One of the most critical steps is easiest in times of crisis. Use it right and you can catapult yourself forward.

It’s a peculiar phenomenon. In times of crisis when finances are most strained, we tend to go into survival mode or worse. It offers us the unique opportunity to reassess decisions we would never even think about without external pressure.

The first and most critical step is to spend less than you earn. As obvious as this is, we fail to see the impact of small transactions and daily decisions on our cashflow. When we are faced with lack, this is the first thing we do. We consider all our expenses and try to find places to trim. The more severe the shortfall, the more generous the chunks we chop off.

This results in a lean budget that can sustain us with a few minor tweaks.

The trick is to stick to it when our situation improves. Instead of increasing our monthly expenses as cash flow goes up, we use our savings for once of expenses instead.

That way, it’s in your control, and you get to choose when and how you spend it, every time.

Play the hand you were dealt.

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