Prolonged or intense pressure eventually exploits a weakness.

In life, these weaknesses are often in our character. Stress and anxiety aggravate tension. It’s not something we are well-adapted to maintain over long periods of time. In an effort to release these pressures, we resort to innovation, creativity, problem-solving, collaboration. All wonderful things.

If this first line of defence fails, frustration mounts. Character comes under scrutiny. We begin considering unconventional escape routes out of the pressure cooker. Substance abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse, ‘creative financing’ reappropriation of company funds, all become viable options.

These alternatives seem illogical until they are triggered by survival instinct. Maslow’s hierarchy is under threat. Justification becomes easy by comparison.

There is an alternative.

Embracing such a rare opportunity to craft and shape our character is far more valuable than the short-lived benefits of the escape routes. They lead to growth instead of scarring.

It’s all bout where you put your trust.

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