You spend time on your hobby for you. You spend time relaxing for you. In these cases, you are your only customer. Since you intimately know your thoughts, feelings, expectations and needs, you are an easy customer to satisfy. This all changes when one becomes two.

When you offer something to someone else, you do not have the same level of understanding available. Certainly, this second person has similar needs and desires to yours. This is why they like your product. Most early adopters do.

This leads us into the trap of thinking that we have only one type of customer. This will always be true. Most probably, all your customers are human. Not a particularly useful distinction as far as an offering is concerned.

Your customer segmentation is probably one of the most important characteristics of your business. If we are all merely ‘human’ to you, it will show. Usually as a number on a dashboard rather than a smile on a face.


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