It’s not the celebration of DNA.

Father is a title. It is earned through the dedicated efforts of a male role model that teaches kids how to live. It’s a kind of teaching that requires authenticity rather than theoretical understanding. A model.

A man that shows me how to respect myself and love others. How to carry dignity while creating space for the light in others to shine through. A father disciplines me in the way I should go so that I am protected from the pain of punishment inflicted by those who do not do so in love.

A father accepts me in my failure but teaches me to get back up and keep going. A father does not allow me to become a duplicate of someone else but cultivates my unique purpose to find full expression under his nurturing care and wise guidance.

A father protects the vulnerable in society.

A father stands on the principle rather than the fleeting social norm.

Father is a title earned by character, not by DNA.

If you were deprived of the right of having a father, be one for your kids, or better yet, your community in general.

If you did, you know what to do.

The world desperately needs you!

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