Black Lives Matter is receiving media attention across the globe, and for good reason. All this attention is coaxing countless people to raise an opinion.

The challenge with opinions is that they tend to polarise the argument. It immediately creates ‘us vs them’ dynamics complicating the narrative even further. It’s worthwhile to earn the right to share your opinion. Especially if you are not directly involved. This is difficult since the polarity demands a guilty party.

Fundamentally, we are dealing with systemic bias. This is a universal challenge. It is prevalent in most societies across the globe although the expressions are nuanced geographically.

This is to be expected. People create systems. All people have inherent biases. Most of the systems on which the world operates today were created before the teams designing them were truly diversified. The bias is bound to lean one way or the other.

This is not okay. This is injustice. Although not always blatant and intentional, it is unacceptable. We have a responsibility, all of us, to make it better.

It’s hard to do so before we truly understand how broken it is.

It’s also not useful to jump to the antithesis.

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