Every form of like on the planet is made from the same elemental building blocks. At a micro-level, it’s all the same. All humans, at a micro-level, are the same. We all have bodies that function in the same way, consist of 12 interconnected systems and run on oxygen, proteins and water.

At a macro level, we are all unique. We have different personalities, skin tones, languages, voices, fingerprints. Nothing is the same. Everything is individual and nuanced.

When we attempt to make sense of macro, the sheer volume of discrepancies requires us to resort to generalisations. We classify, segment, and group things together. Each of these present differently depending on how you slice the pie. (There is a big data and reporting argument here.) These slices are not always useful but are always filled with bias, no matter the intent.

At a micro level, this becomes easier to manage. The distinctions are just that. Verifiable and constant. (Our understanding of these distinctions is rarely complete.)

When faced with macro challenges, it’s useful to consider the micro building blocks, and how the combinations interact to produce the end result.

Science usually works this way.

Politics do not.

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