There is a breaking point. All materials have a maximum load before it gives way. The goal is never to irradicate strain but rather to manage it within certain boundaries.

Elastic bands work only when they are under stress. To some extent, everything is constantly under some form of stress, this is what keeps our matter together. Like all elastic bands, if the stress exceeds maximum capacity, it gives way.

This could be the result of a single load, but most often, it is a consequence of consistent overloading without maintenance or attention. Now is such a time for all of us. It is critical, as a leader, that you intentionally create spaces that allow you to take the load off. Get out of the office, spend time with your family and be present, practice a hobby.

You can’t teach others to do that which you have not done.

We are all leaders somewhere with others looking to us to set sustainable trends.

Find your balance. Then allow others the space to find theirs.

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