Time demands it. So does the transfer of energy.

We cannot create or destroy it. We can only change its form. Whenever something stops or stagnates it is no longer perpetual. Time catches up and starts to break it down until it is unrecognisable and repurposed.

There are two ways to avoid this.

  1. Perpetuate. Constantly learn. Grow in your ability and execution. Grow in the quality of your thinking and resolve. Grow your capacity. Grow your creativity. Improve the quality of your work. Iterate. Build, measure, learn. Increase in relevance and stay with the times.
  2. Slingshot. Create work so far ahead of time that it remains relevant, unchanged, long into the future. Create masterpieces that continue to inspire generations beyond its creation. Create timeless things.

Turns out there is only one way.

The only way to slingshot is to perpetuate your way to mastery.

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