It’s been a surreal experience. The number of contradictions, conspiracies, fake news and hidden agendas have just been staggering. I cannot recall another period where I have been so forcefully bombarded with ambiguity.

It makes sense. When so few things are certain we grasp at anything to help us to calibrate our experience. Anything that reduces the complexity or offers some grounding, some stationary platform from which to interpret the passing galaxy, is a welcome solace.

This is common. What is uncommon is that it is happening to most of the world all at once. This leaves so many of us clutching at straws, conjuring up realities that keep our mental faculties in check. Such exaggerated proliferation is aggravating the bombardment of perspectives that seemingly become facts once enough of us agree.

For the first time in a long time, we have a working example of subjective reality. It’s a messy business. It polarises. It inundates. It perpetuates the very rabbit hole we are trying to avoid.

Perhaps a healthier approach is to focus on the things I can control (as per usual) and leave that which I cannot control to those who can. Not as a victim. Not as a pacifist.

As a significant contributor that invests where it counts.

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