The global economy is facing large corporate failures and catastrophic job losses. Certain industries are heavily affected, such as airlines, tourism, and retail. Traditionally, some of the highest employment sectors.

If this includes you, what will you do?

It’s time for a career transition. If you have not had one, likelihood is you will experience this at least once a decade. Not a slight change or a move to a new employer, but a significant shift. This is likely to the standard for millennials.

It’s worthwhile taking 6 months to figure out what the next move is. This might not be possible since you didn’t exactly plan for this one. Do it on the fly.

Be brave. Learn new skills. Pursue the things that have always interested you. Mix it with what you already have in your quiver. It’s a daunting adventure.

It’s also the new normal. Your ability to move with the times and turn on a dime will become a scare skill and a competitive advantage. If you learn anything. Learn that.

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