We call it that because there is always more than one way out. The opposite of the easy way is the right way. If the right way was the easy way, there would only be one way.

We look for the easy way because sometimes the right way just takes too long, costs too much, asks too much. It the movement it might feel this way. The easy way solves the immediate problem. It relieves the pressure and gives us room to breathe.

What it actually does is mortgage your future. You take the benefit now, a moment in time where you already understand all the variables in exchange for a penalty in the future which could be better and could be worse. The easy way is always a gamble.

It’s like debt. It makes sense to make it to solve an immediate crisis. It will pay for itself in the long term. Until it doesn’t. The world economy melts down, sheds jobs and businesses and your treatments are no longer as certain as you thought.

The question is not ‘easy way or right way’. The question is a ‘better now or a better tomorrow’.


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