We often interpret our value based on our current reality. We use the place we are in as the barometer to gauge our significance, our influence and even our purpose. We do this because it’s elegant. What else is there but the now?

This is convenient when we are in a good place. Everything is coming up Amy. We are walking on sunshine. We are so happy we just clap our hands. For most of us, this is our neigbour or ‘that friend’. We have challenges. Our desert seems to follow us around.

You might have been born in the desert, but you weren’t born FOR the desert. You are shaped there. You prepare. You build character. You learn to be thrifty and frugal. You learn to see value where most others see rock and sand.

All this so that you can thrive in the land of milk and honey.

What ideas, plans, or strategies are you birthing in this challenging season? They might seem out of place. Hold fast in the knowledge that they are not meant for now. This is preparation.

unsplash-logoYuliya Kosolapova

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