Our expectations play a much larger role in our experience than we imagine. We could be looking at the same photo and you might experience calm and tranquillity while I am gripped by fear imagining a lurking threat. Someone else might be overcome by claustrophobia and yet another inspired by a sense of adventure.

It’s the same image.

We read things into it. In order to mitigate the anxiety created by uncertainty, we project our emotions onto an evolving narrative. It allows us to create a false sense of security informed by our own expectations.

Expecting to see a shark emerge from the darkness is as unhelpful as it is unlikely.

Take it one day at a time. Appreciate what you have in front of you for as long as you do. Deal with what might happen if and when it does.

This is the thing with scenarios. The further out you go, the more exponential are the possible outcomes.

Silas Baisch

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