Historic constraints shape much of our infrastructure, thinking, economic design. You name it, it is influenced by the past. This is not a bad thing. As with most innovation and improvement, its incremental. We stand on the shoulders of those before us.

Over time, these historic constraints disappear. Technology enables. Politics change. The structures remain. Fundamentally unsupported by the original premise the validity of the ultimate conclusions is drawn into question. This seems like an indictment on the quality of the work done by those before and is met with harsh opposition. Voids develop.

Spaces that could be put to good use if we were willing to reinvent them from the ground up are left underutilised to safeguard the validity of historic constraints. Working from home is one of them. So are organisations designed for certainty and predictability.

The narrative is changing. With it, opportunities abound for those brave enough.

Magne Træland

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