Extended lockdowns are bound to have a significant impact on our mental wellbeing. The knock-on consequences could be far-reaching including burn-out and all the recovery and performance challenges it would entail.

Lockdown FiguresFor countries in lock-down (roughly 2.6 billion people as of 3 April 2020), it becomes imperative to maintain good mental health habits in these trying times.

A useful article from the WEF here.

Another great article by a friend and expert on complex systems, Sonja Blignaut, on her personal experiences and discoveries here.

Considering the possibilities of extended or perhaps intermittent lockdowns, I wonder if this is not the ideal time to explore the fundamental drivers behind our resilience and fortitude. What sustains our discipline and habits over time?

I suggest that discovering our unique contribution to the world, call it purpose if you will, is perhaps the single most resilient, inspiring, hopeful olive branch we can find in these times of uncertainty.

In and of itself, this unique contribution never falters or becomes irrelevant. It merely evolves, adapts and changes its expression. Discovering it will offer mental fortitude and confirmation of your indisputable value.

If you have not discovered it yet, now is as ideal a time as any to seek it out.


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