What if this was true of circumstances and frame of mind?

Usually, much of what we believe is experiential. We react, decide, plan, engage all based on our experiences. On the one hand, this presents a trap that we often step into: external locus of control. If what I experience is largely dependent on the circumstances within which I find myself, my engagement is determined less by my efforts and intentions and more by my environment.

Fortunately, experiential reality is also very subjective. This allows us to reframe the effects of external circumstances on our experience. We are able to act, engage and decide to function in the opposite to what our environment suggests.

This leads to some interesting dynamics. We chose to invest when it makes sense to withdraw. We give generously when lack is increasing. We help and nurture when it’s logical to self-preserve. We spread hope and possibility when the situation propagates hopelessness.

By acting contrary to what the situation suggests, we move the dial. By acting different to the market, the move of the market is less by two people (you, and the effect of you on the opposite side).

Fear spreads when we chose to accept it. Selfishness becomes the order of the day when we too embrace it. Fortunately, so does hope, purpose, and selfless service.

Diogo Nunes

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