There are two.

In most of us, it causes anxiety. This produces erratic behaviour, urgency, and eventually aggression. It breeds us vs them thinking (if lockdown lasts long enough you are bound to experience this in the comfort of your own home) which expresses as attacking language and defensive behaviour.

It’s a really unfortunate spiral deeply ingrained within our self-preservation propensity. And it’s been triggered for most of us.

The alternative is to focus. Choose the one thing that you have to offer and bring it to the table. We can all do a million things and eventually end up doing nothing. The one thing you do better than anyone, the thing intertwined in your ‘Why’, is worth focussing on.

When you do, something spectacular will happen. People will reap the rewards of your dedication and brilliance. You owe it to us to calm down and do great work.

We hope you will.

Kyran Aldworth

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