As the world comes to grips with the realities of Covid-19 we are faced with an evolving reality. Some of us have been in lockdown for long periods while others are only starting.

With hope and fresh resolve, we declare periods of isolation as short as possible. Easing people into realities is the only way to ensure compliance without significant backlash. It is also elusively optimistic.

In most cases, the initial lockdowns have either already been extended, or are likely to be.  These extensions are prudent are should be applauded. It tends to take a toll on our mental resilience.

Since we entered the situation for 21 or 28 days, we taught, it’s not that bad. Let’s do it. Have a nice holiday, spend time on our hobbies, learn a new skill or two. What’s not to love? Sobering to the realities of lockdown has shattered much of these intentions. Now faced with even longer periods in isolation will put pressure on a resolve that is already showing cracks.

If you are facing down extension, it is imperative that we create healthy rhythms that encourage us to engage others, grow, rest, exercise and be productive. Make your bed.  Get out of your pyjamas. Change your eating habits. Watch less TV. Create and join communities that encourage interaction and development of skills.

Discovering your relevance and finding ways to express it.

This is the essence.

Kevin Mueller

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