is a useful indication of the trends and social directions.

It’s also a poor business model.

If you do what everyone else is doing you enter a market filled to the brim with the competition. You fade away between the options and you create a product that is immediately commoditised.

You can make this work if you have a first-mover advantage (this was your idea), a second-mover advantage (learning from the pioneers and improving on it in a way they are not able due to the flaw in their original execution), or by introducing a brand new innovation that creates a sustainable competitive advantage.

If not, look in the opposite direction.

Since everyone is following the herd, empty spaces are opening up. Spaces that allow you to create rather than follow. Here you add value instead of diluting it for everybody else.

It’s challenging work, but if not you, who?

Katka Pavlickova

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