Welcome to the showcase.

One category of people talks the talk freely and audaciously. They do so because the chances of being found out are slim. As long as I say all the right things, whether or not I believe it, it will earn me benefit. You end up with all the benefit without any of the substance.

Then there is another category of people who support the common good as long as it is also in their immediate interest. They actively participate and contribute to an agenda that is mutually beneficial. It’s a commercial arrangement that terminates as soon as one of the parties becomes a liability.

Then there is a third category of people. They serve the common good because it is the common good. They understand the altruistic motive. They do not place their own value above that of others, even if they pay the ultimate price.

These three types of people often present similarly when the going is good. When the chips are down, true motives are quickly revealed. Most of us do not know which category we fall into. We have never been confronted with the question so directly.

Listen up and pay attention. Your conscious decision know is an admission and a trajectory.


Matthew T Rader

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