We use them to get us off the tee. Especially when the holes are long and the fairways are broad. It maximises our distance and hopefully positions us the best for the next shot.

Worldview is the same.

It drives our narrative. As a result, it drives our initial response to every hole we play. This is useful when we have a drive that’s accurate and long. If we play with an aggressive fade or draw, we end up short and layed up, ill-positioned for the next stroke.

There are rare opportunities in life when our underlying assumptions are laid bare, exposed and available for interrogation. We are in the midst of such an opportunity.

The wise will refine and purify their view of the world, reality, frailty, opportunity, significance, purpose, human dignity. The fool will continue to double bogie the hole and hope his drive is better next time around.

Liam Minty

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