Suddenly, the unknown is on our doorstep. We are all confronted with a reality we have never had to deal with before. The future is uncertain, not necessarily from a health perspective since many of the risks are within your control, but the consequences of economies, industries and the long trail of fallout that is already certain.

We cannot even fathom the effects and consequences we have already put in motion. The future has drastically changed overnight, and so has the trajectory of a decade.

Some are frantically attempting to secure their short-term survival, others are enabling it through opportunistic profiteering. Is it that the world has gone crazy, or that we are seeing for the first time in a long time the auto-response of human nature in a context where the rules of engagement and socially acceptable behaviours are undefined?

Welcome to the unknown. No, more than ever, it’s critical to order, first, your private world.

Jeff Sheldon

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