is defined by why you are building it.

By implication, structure does not follow strategy, or vice versa. Structure and strategy both follow purpose. This is a tricky thing. Often we could misdiagnose symptoms as causes.

I might be building this because I want to make a profit, build a business, create hope, uplift society and a million other reasons. When we get into the thick of it, most of those elements are symptoms or results of some underlying reality. Sponsorship.

Who sponsors your existence? Who is fitting the bill? They are the primary concern of your entity because they hold in their hand the viability and sustainability of the business.

Once you know who is sponsoring your existence, you need to understand why. What is it that they believe you are able to help them achieve? In order to help them achieve this goal, what do you need to build?

Eco-systems are complex and interconnected. Understand it before you meddle.

Daiga Ellaby

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