Humanity has been obsessed with measuring performance probably since the beginning. The first industrial revolution increased our appetite for performance measurement to the nth degree. Since then, it has only escalated. The fourth industry is no exception.

Historically, we have focussed on a singular metric. How fast can I run 100m? How much weight can I deadlift? How high were my grades? This became slightly more sophisticated over time. We measure projects on time, cost and quality. We measure employee performance on outputs, values and teamwork.

Although we learned to measure multiple metrics, we still restrict them to a singular context. This works great for contextual performance; corporate, team-based, educational, etc.

How do we measure performance in life? Is it appropriate for me to use singular or isolated metrics? Balance has proven to be a better more sustainable approach to measure my own performance.

Perhaps it’s time to consider this as an imperative in the place we spend the majority of our time.

Nicolas Hoizey

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