Accepting change as a reality we must embrace has been thoroughly explored, facilitated and force-fed. We get it. Change is a constant. Get comfortable with it.

Turns out it’s not change that’s the biggest challenge. It’s the uncertainty. Once a change is complete we settle back into a rhythm. A new norm is established. We feel secured by the solid ground beneath our feet. The period between the status quo and the new reality is what often freaks us out.

We don’t know what the new norm will look like. It’s a moving target that ebbs with the peaks and troughs of waves on our little ship. To accommodate this uncertainty, we revert to the norms of the status quo we hold dear. It doesn’t work. Makes no sense to live on a small boat the way you lived at the previous port.

Tensions erupt.

In transition, it’s helpful to realise that no-one is perfectly sure what is going on and no-one is in control. Support, camaraderie and can-do attitudes are what get us through.

No-one likes not knowing, but together, with some understanding and accommodation, we can thrive along the way.

Jay Tran

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