Like a tennis elbow, sometimes we become so overwhelmed with the number of decisions we need to make that an overuse injury occurs. To accommodate the load we maintain the defaults for most of these decisions. We let the inertia play out. Status quo has a lower level of perceived risk and requires much less cognitive effort.

Fortunately, our brains are not subject to overuse. Neuro-plasticity allows incredible capacity in the brain provided we maintain a healthy diet and good sleeping habits. To address the number of decisions we are faced with, it is useful to compartmentalise. By that, I do not mean viewing decisions in isolation, but rather that we stop multi-tasking.

When faced with a decision, allocate all your faculties and resources to considering, weighing and making that decision. It will demand the same load as always. Then move on to the next one.

This level of focus will reveal a capacity of decisions far greater than we tend to accept.

Cris Saur

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