You might have heard of the Nobel Laurette, Dr. Otto H. Warburg. He discovered interesting phenomenon related to the ph balance of the human body and its consequences on diseases, specifically cancer. He received plenty of flak from modern medical science until recently.

The idea that the body functions ideally in an alkaline environment and we are able to jeopardise that by increasing acidity is what is intriguing. Whether the science is accurate, it translates well to business.

We know what healthy businesses need. We understand the science of purpose, cultural dynamics, product-market fit, strategic ambidexterity, leadership, sound financial principles and the alkaline environment conducive to its thriving this will create. Yet, we often feed it food, resources and behaviours that increase the acidity. We introduce toxins that counteract the environment we aspire to.

Wouldn’t it be useful to have a litmus strip for our business to let us know when the whole thing is turning sour?

Don’t you?

Han Lahandoe

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