The year ahead drips with potential. It presents as a blank canvass with a range of possibilities waiting to be realised. Usually, this is the time of the year we set new year’s resolutions, WIGs, BHAGs or whatever acronym you feel most comfortable with.

Instead of rehashing what you hoped to achieve in 2019, what if we took some time to reflect on our failures, changes in priorities, new realities and our existing and potential responsibilities instead.

Our goals, visions and dreams for 2020 find expression within our reality as well as how we wish to improve it over time. Our greatest downfall is that we set so many new goals, we forget to accommodate the energy required to maintain all the things that don’t go away.

As everything settles down, spend some time to define what your life would look like in 2020 if you did nothing differently.

Then design how you would like it to look instead. The spread is what we create new goals for. Everything else is maintained.

The spread is always a trade-off. (More commonly known as a compromise or even more realistically, a sacrifice.)

Med Badr Chemmaoui

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