There are many things that separate us. Our cultures, beliefs, traditions, languages and even geography create distance. Physical, emotion and cognitive distance that is tough to bridge.

In pursuit of this bridge, it is useful to negotiate the difference. In order to do so, we must first understand the common ground. The one thing that binds all of humanity without fail, is our desire to be loved. Each one of us desires to be appreciated, cared for, protected and celebrated. We gravitate towards spaces, communities and people who fulfil this ingrained desire.

If we all hope to receive it, it follows that we must all be willing to give as well. Can we give what we do not possess ourselves? Can we expect others to give to us what they do not have?

The world needs a little bit more love.

If you have some, give it. This is the greatest expression of generosity you can ever embody.

Within it rests exponential potential.


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