With these two ingredients, there is very little you cannot achieve. Time creates a compounding effect on anything. When we compound dedication, we create exponential returns. The longer we maintain this, the larger the difference becomes.

The opportunity lies in the rarety. We all know how valuable it is when we mix these two. Yet, so few of us ever get around to maintaining such long term commitments. If you are able to maintain your commitments, you will quickly distinguish yourself among the top 1% in your field.

Our biggest challenge, perhaps, is that we do not know what to commit to. There are so many options. So many things sound interesting or exciting. Inevitably, we set off on a track only to change course midway through. Rinse and repeat. This is not because we are not committed, but because we do not have a clear vision of our future.

Dedication is easy when we are passionate about something. Discovering what we are passionate about might be the challenge.

 Sarah Cervantes

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