Just beyond our reach lies a world of possibility. Tech, science and consumer culture drives us to stretch out and touch it, even if just with our fingertips. If we can touch it, we can reel it in. Our fingertips represent the edge of our capacity. It is constantly expanding.

Precisely because we are constantly reaching outward.

This might lead us to believe life is lived on the fringes. This simply is not true. Within our closed fist remain protected that which secures our existence. It is boring and fairly consistent over the centuries. Science has evolved and improved the realities of this space, but not replaced it altogether.

Within our fist, we hold that which is essential to human life and is likely to remain that way for the sustainable future. Nutrients, water, breathable air, conducive environment are all critical factors.

What’s interesting is that when the security of the fist in threatened, the fingers stop reaching out and close up. We can reach out only because that which is already in the hand is secure.

This reaction is aggravated when our reaching out is the primary cause of the threat.

Etty Fidele

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