Their role is to enhance the experience of the viewer while maintaining the focus on the starring role. Get this right, and you have a hit show. Get this wrong and you end up with a product that confuses the consumer and leaves the audience with uncertainty.

Most of us dream of playing the starring role. We seek out the limelight and strive to be the center of attention. It offers prestige and acclaim. It endows a sense of accomplishment. If you achieve this it is only because you had a huge supporting cast and crew. People that allowed you to thrive, on and off the screen.

The tough part is, sometimes we need to allow others their time in the sun. We get to step aside and create spaces for others to thrive. Perhaps the saddest thing is when we hold on to the limelight when it has been passed on. It shows a level of immaturity and a lack of willingness to mentor and hand over the batton.

Most of us are in both seats in different areas of our lives. Getting too caught up in winning or being the best steals from being your best self.

Your best self includes your support of others.

It’s not always about you. It shouldn’t be.

Anthony Da Cruz

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