It’s a pure motive. Acting in the best interest of others. Usually, this comes with strings attached. We give these strings meaningful and morally inspiring names, like mutual benefit or investment or upliftment.

All these strings are good and drive society forward. That said, it should not become the substitute for selfless acts of service. There is a special place for human actions that have no transactional foundation. An interaction that only gives, expecting nothing in return.

It contains something profoundly human. It reminds us that we have an obligation to society to offer that which we have because our society made it possible for us to have it. It acknowledges the value of every person, not based on what they have to offer, but based purely on the value of the individual as a unique and special life.

This season of celebration, joy and thankfulness offers perhaps the perfect time to create a habit around generosity to others.

No event or a social media brag fest (which is a return), but simply a human connection expression in the best interest of someone else.

Mourad Saadi

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