You prepare for it. It shows in your demeanour, your language and the size of your ask.

People are unlikely to meet you above your level of expectation. They use it as the anchor point to gauge your perception of your capacity, ability and vision. It would be foolish to task you beyond it.

Those of us who catch on to this inherent constraint implement a growth hack. We change our language, dress above our paygrades and talk big. This invariably draws some people in. Since you do not have the preparation to back it up, the benefits are short-lived and the inauthenticity is put on display.

The trick then is to challenge yourself to think much bigger. When you ask yourself how to increase results by a factor of 10, this requires radically different thinking than increasing by a mere 10%. Incremental versus exponential.

Then, back it up with preparation and capacity.

Mihály Köles

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